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What Is the Best Electric Dab Rig In 2024?

Welcome to the future of elevated indulgence with Waxmaid’s cutting-edge electric dab rig realm. As we dive into the dazzling 2024 domain, these erigs are portable and powerful enough to redefine the dab rig experience. Now, we want you to imagine a Christmas deal that unlocks the gateway to smooth, flavorful sessions wherever you wander. 

Waxmaid has the innovation that transforms the conventional dab rig game, marrying convenience and potency seamlessly. Get ready to elevate your dabbing rituals to celestial heights as we uncover the best electric dab rigs that 2024 has to offer.

Top Electric Dab Rig Offers in 2024

The best part about these electric dab rigs is that they come with an offer now. If you get any of the below-reviewed dab rigs, you get 30% off this festive season. The Christmas deal gets better if you get a HoneyCup or HoneyMod.

In addition to the sweet discount, you get an Octopus silicone container to carry your wax for free. Now, let’s see why the following erig selection should be on your 2024 list if not the collection. 



The HoneyCup is a new 6.9” affordable e-rig from Waxmaid that looks cute in its black, blue, purple or pink finish. Beyond its look, though, this erig offers an incredible dabbing experience. Right from the first draw, you get a big and milky cloud that brings a better way to sip into your ‘my high.’

This electric dab rig is also easy to use. It has a power button that you click 5 times to turn on/off. Once it’s on, it preheats for 20 seconds and then flashes to let you know it’s ready to go. You can double-click it from there to enable the auto heat function before taking your first hit.

Moreover, the dab rig has more heat settings if you like it hot. With three quick button clicks, you can adjust its temperature to 650-750F. The other temp settings are 450-550F (lowest) and 550-650F (medium). The highest temp has a yellow light– it’s more like yellow-green. The lowest temperature goes green, while the medium goes blue.

The HoneyCup erig may require frequent charging since it carries 20 sessions after a full charge. That means it suits those who dab once in a while. At 6.9 inches, it can always accompany you while on the move. 

The best part is that it has the shape of a drinking cup. So, apart from being easy to hold, it sets the fashion standard for the dabbing crew in 2024. Remember that if you get this dab rig, there is a 30% discount and a free Octopus container for your dab. 



While the HoneyMod (5.3 inches) is slightly shorter than the HoneyCup (6.9 inches), its performance and quality bring a better experience. 

Still, from Waxmaid, the design of the HoneyMod is different. The erig also comes with a quartz ball. It spins rapidly within the coil when inhaling to ensure optimal and complete use of the wax. With each draw, you get a big, rich and flavorful cloud. Waxmaid has even included a steel plate deck to provide airflow control. 

Is the velocity of the clouds during inhalation not comfortable for you? Simply rotate the steel deck to adjust the airflow until you find a more comfortable velocity.

The temperature settings are three, just like the HoneyCup’s, and all the operations are the same. After each turn on, the dab rig also takes 20 seconds to heat up. You can then double-click it to activate the auto heat function. You need to also load the wax again after each use.

The erig elevates how you take your dabs in a small body. With a 1600 mAh battery, this one wins the race for those looking for a tiny but powerful dabbing instrument.



Here is the Dabber electric dab rig if you want another portable and powerful dabbing upgrade in 2024. This little powerhouse isn’t just a dab rig; it’s a portal to a new level of controlled, flavorful dabbing experiences. Let’s break it down.

First off, versatility is its middle name. Three heating settings and customizable LED lights mean you’re not just dabbing; you’re doing it in style. Whether you prefer a low-temp, flavor-rich hit or something hotter for those lung-expanding clouds, the Dabber’s got your back.

The design brings out the functionality, making it a statement piece. Platinum-cured silicone mouthpiece? Check. Detachable for easy cleaning? Double-check. The honeycomb design? It’s not just fashionable; it’s gift-worthy.

With up to 150 uses per full charge and USB charging, this erig has more than power in its sleeves. The size makes it your travel buddy for those on-the-go dab adventures.

But wait, there’s more! The package isn’t just a dab rig; it’s a treasure trove. From the quartz atomizer to the glass cup and everything in between, Waxmaid’s not just selling a product; they’re delivering an experience.

You have to go through the technical stuff in the manual. Once you’ve experienced that preheating magic and mastered the light codes, this rig becomes an extension of your dabbing soul.

So why should you snag the Dabber in 2024? Because it’s not just a purchase; it’s an investment in your dabbing future. 1900 mAh battery allows you to get 150 sessions before the next recharge. What else would you want in the future? With a discount tied to it, this is a Christmas deal that will get you into 2024 as the trendsetter. 

Ares Plus

Ares Plus

The last item on the review is the Ares Plus electric dab rig. Being at the bottom does not mean it’s the least favorite. It is another game-changer in erigs that will rock your dabbing universe in 2024.

The dab rig is an upgrade with instant gratification, excluding the annoying 30-second wait. The Ares Plus boasts an ultra-thin quartz chip that heats up instantly, leaving those waiting games in the dust. That makes this baby ready for action the moment you power it on.

Size matters, right? This pocket-size powerhouse is a Zinc Alloy metal-made gem, and at 6.5 inches, it’s your discreet dabbing sidekick. Slip it into your pocket, and voila! You’ve got your life partner right there, ready for those impromptu dab sessions.

But hold on, it’s not just about the rig itself. Waxmaid’s upped the ante with a stylish, smell-proof PU bag that blends function and fashion. 

Now, here is the techy stuff. Three temperature settings for your preferred dabbing experience—green, blue, and yellow lights for different temp ranges. All you need to do is press that button three times quickly to switch to your preferred temperature. Plus, it has smart battery indicators, so you’re never off guard mid-session.

And let’s not forget the package—it’s a treasure trove! From the quartz atomizer to the cleaning brush and everything in between, Waxmaid’s gone all out to make sure you’re not just buying a rig; you’re getting a complete dabbing experience.

Why should you grab the Ares Plus in 2024? Because it’s not just an electric dab rig; it’s your ticket to instant, powerful, and discreet dabbing wherever you go. 

Final Thoughts

It’s time to switch to electric movement if you still use that glass rig and a lighter, among other dabbing weapons. The best part about the presentations above is that they are all powerful and portable. The Christmas deal on them makes them affordable in these hard economic times. 

With that, get the best one to enjoy during the festive season. Declare your dabbing independence by switching to the Waxmaid electric dab rig selection in 2024. 

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