Latest & Modern Simple Pop Design For your home

Home is such a place that every person wants to decorate it in the most modern way. We spend a lot of money on making and styling our houses. When it comes to choosing the ceiling of our roofs it should also be attractive. Pop designs are the most trendy and sophisticated for your houses and above all, you can get an affordable budget and easy installation. So today all modern simple pop design ideas would be shared with you. Let’s have a glance at them.

Modern Simple Pop Design For your home:

Modern Simple Pop Design


Before getting into pop ceiling designs let me explain the word POP to you. Pop means plaster of Paris and it is basically dehydrated gypsum. It is available in powder form which gets moistened before use. You can easily mold it in any shape for your ceilings. You can get different styles in different budgets you can choose as per your choice.

Modern simple pop design Ideas in 2023

I will enlist some of the most modern and affordable designs that can make your house look beautiful.

1- Central pop design for bedroom

Many people don’t like using the whole ceiling as a canvas; they can create a design just in the center. When you choose such a type you can install lights or fans in the center to give a pleasing look.

2- Pop designs for kids’ room

When it comes to designing your kid’s room with pop you can be funky and crazy. You can style the ceiling with your kid’s favorite colors. You can make headboards, ceiling patterns, or wall decorations. 

3- Bedroom ceiling with adequate lightning 

Modern Simple Pop Design

One very interesting pop designs are one that has a number of light options in them. If you want to give your room a spacious look and want to brighten it then this idea is for you. You can choose any ceiling design with adequate lights in it.

4- Ceilings ideas for dining rooms

 As you all know it is always hard to give a dining room a separate space. We all adjust it with the kitchen or some other room. But we can separate the colors and designs of the dining room to make it look separate. For that, you can opt brown or yellow color with box shapes and a pop ceiling.

5- Antique plate pop designs

Many people like to add just a minimal look of pop in their rooms. For the antique plates are the best options. They look minimal as well as phenomenal. The carved white plates in the center look exquisite. Different flowers and leaves are carved on this plate.

6- Minimal  bedroom modern simple pop design

Simplicity is a real beauty and when you choose simplicity over everything you get the best results. If you have chosen heavy designs for your entire house ceilings. Then this design can be best fit if you are confused to choose any design.  You can just add a few lines or just give a border with pop. it would look eye-catching.

7- Designs for balconies

A balcony is a place where we sit and relax, and enjoy the sun and greenery so it should be designed in the best way. You can opt for a combination of the modern pop ceiling with metal vents. This can make a living statement and make your guests stunned.

Benefits of modern simple pop design:

These pop songs are getting more and more hype due to many reasons. Now let me share them with you.

  • Waterproof 

One reason for its popularity is that it is waterproof and is perfect for your bathroom and kitchen where there is a lot of moisture.

  • Strength 

It is very strong and can easily support lights and heavy fixtures which makes it ideal.

  • Easy to install

Pop designs are very easy to install and require no heavy things to install.

  • Different colors

You can design your ceilings with multiple colors as per your choice.


In this article, we have talked about modern simple pop design that can make your houses look attractive and beautiful. It has a lot of advantages that are way better than paint. You can choose designs as per your choice. I hope you like this article. Thanks.

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