Vivo Drone Camera Phone Price and More Details

Vivo is a company that has given us numerous brilliant phones. It has made everything possible. Vivo was founded in 2009 and now it has many firms all over the world. Now they are planning to launch a Vivo Flying Camera Phone. Sounds cool right? As it’s a drone phone, people are more concerned about the Vivo drone camera phone price. In today’s article, we are gonna explore multiple things. First of all, we will talk about its features, then the release date, and yes its price for sure. So without much waste of time let’s begin this article.

Vivo drone camera phone price:

The new technology is going to be released very soon. With your phone, you can fly drones and no company has released this thing ever before. People are really curious to know about the Vivo drone camera phone price. Its price in different countries is different. Let’s have a glance at the prices.

  • Vivo drone camera phone price in India is 66-6800.
  • In Pakistan, the price of the Vivo drone phone is 195000.
  • In UAE its price is 4299 USD.
  • In Nigeria, it is 48000 NG.

Vivo drone camera phone’s release date:

As this technology is going to launch for the very first time. People are anxious to know about its release date. Vivo has not officially announced any date but most expected it would be released by the end of 2022. Now let’s see when it’s gonna come on the market.

Vivo drone phone’s features:

Vivo has always made phones with new and amazing features. This time it is also gonna stun people with this innovation. Vivo drone camera phone would be a bit higher than other phones as it can operate drones. Let’s see what are the features of this phone.


It is the first thing to notice and the design of the new phone is going to be gorgeous as always. It would have a large 6 inches capacitive super AMOLED touchscreen, gorilla glass 7 for protection, 16MP color display. These features can attract anyone easily and also keeps your phone safe.


The battery of all phones is a very important thing to look at. If any phone has strong battery health it would be loved by every person. As the Vivo drone camera phone price is higher than other phones its battery should be strong. Now let me tell you that this phone is powered by a Li-Plumer 6900 mah battery. It would have high-voltage performance.


Vivo knows that their customers trust them for making powerful phones. Now Vivo has put much effort into enhancing the storage of phones. As per the Vivo drone camera phone price this phone would have 12 GB ram and 256/512 GB ROM. It is enough for people who require a lot of storage.


The main thing about Vivo’s drone phone is its camera. It has a quad camera in black color. The phone would bear a 200mp drone camera. It would have a 32mp+12mp+5mp  back camera and a 64mp selfie camera. You would get dual sims.

Other features:

Along with the above features, your Vivo camera phone would have a calendar, calculator, alarm, and protection finger sensor. 


The Vivo drone camera phone is a great innovation in the history of phones. You can connect your phone to a drone and even the phone’s camera is specially designed to give you a drone-like view. All other features of this phone have been upgraded. The Vivo drone camera phone price is a bit high but it is giving us amazing features. People are anxiously waiting for its release date. I have shared every detail about this phone. I hope you like it.

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