How To Identify Bhringraj Plant – Uses and Advantages

Nature has put a cure in many  natural plants that has great effects on  our health. But the thing is we are not aware of it. There are many people in different countries who have knowledge about herbs and they use them in treatment of different illnesses. Today we will talk about a plant and we will see How To Identify Bhringraj Plant. We will also see how it can  be beneficial to us. What are its benefits? Where you can get this plant and many other questions related to it. If you were searching to get all these answers then you are at the right place.

How To Identify Bhringraj Plant?

You can easily find Bhrigraj plants if you keep these points in mind.

  • These plants have a height of 2-3 feet and these are perennial.
  • The leaves are green and in oval shape.
  • They are bitter in taste.
  • These plants have small white flowers.

What are Bhringraj Plants?

Most of you must know about these plants but for those who don’t know let me explain it for you. These are plants that are found in asian tropic areas. People call it by different names such as false daisy, eclipta alba and yellow flowered Bhringraj. This plant is a member of the sunflower family. It is mostly seen in India and they use it in making ayurvedic medicines. They claim that it can treat hair loss, dandruff and psoriasis. These leaves are also beneficial in treating skin and liver problems.

Where can these plants be found?

This plant is native to India and it grows in various regions of india. These plants have rapid growth. Moreover you can find them in Sri Lanka and Nepal.

Can you grow a yellow Bhringraj Plant at home?

Yes, you can grow this plant at your home. If you want to grow it then you can use the following tips:

  • First of all you will need a seed of this plant to grow it. Youcan also buy a baby plant from a nursery to grow it.
  • Then you have to sow that seed in a small container. The things that you need to do is regularly water it and fertilize it but keep in mind that excess water can rot the roots. 
  • Once it has grown up to 2-3 feet inches you can harvest the leaves to use them. You have to cut them from the stem and soak them in a dry container.

Care of Bhringraj Plant:

 If you are interested in growing Bhringraj then you demand proper care. You have to take care of following things:

1- Watering

It doesn’t require much water so save your plant from excessive watering. After watering, give it a nice soaking and dry that area.


In the growing season you can fertilize your plant as it does not require it often. Always use a fertilizer that contains low levels of nitrogen.


These plants don’t need much pruning but if you want busy growth then you can do it.

Benefits of yellow Bhringraj Plant:

This plant is used in ayurvedic medicine that promotes overall health. This plant have following benefits:

  • It is beneficial in treating your skin. For example if someone has eczema he can use this to make his skin better.
  • If you are having liver problems you can use the leaves of this plant.
  • It is very helpful for your stomach as it has a bitter taste and it can help in digestion. It can stimulate your appetite.
  • These herbs contain vitamin A,C and E along with important minerals such as iron, magnesium and calcium.
  • It can improve your hair growth as well as treat your dandruff. These plants have high levels of fatty acids that enhance blood circulation to your scalp.


 I will conclude this article by saying that we should be aware of such beneficial herbs. These can treat various issues and without any side effects as these are natural. We have covered all questions from How To Identify Bhringraj Plant to how to grow them . I hope this will be helpful for you. thanks.

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