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Isn’t it cool being called a close person of some of the famous celebs? It is obvious. You might have heard many controversies where people claim to be parents or children of some famous personalities that in some cases are true. Today we will talk about Caleb James Goddard and you will be stunned to read the details about him. We will see whether or not he has some connection with famous actor Jack Nicholson. This article is going to be very interesting, you just have to read it till the end. Now let’s start with the details.

Who is Caleb James Goddard?

Caleb James Goddard is the son of actress Susan Anspach and was born in Los Angeles, California on 26th September 1970. Right after his birth, his mom claimed that his father is Jack Nickolson.

Susan and Jack:

Susan and Jack have known each other for a very long time. It won’t be wrong to say that their first meetup was during the shoot of “Five Easy Pieces”. In an interview, Jack clearly rejected the statement that he is the father of Caleb. But back in 1988 to 1994 some resources confirmed that he was financially supporting Susan. The reason for this support was to admit Caleb James Goddard to a good school and college. They had a very bad relationship and they sued each other. But back in 1996, Caleb said that Jack has acknowledged him now.

Caleb James Goddard and his adoption:

Caleb had seen a very tough time throughout his life as he was not accepted by his biological father. If we talk about his siblings then he has a half-sister. Before Caleb Susan had a relationship with actor Steve curry. With Steve, she had a daughter named Catherine and she was born on15th October 1968. Susan really has a messy life and people get confused. When Catherine was born Susan decided to get married and this time she officially got married to Mark Goddards who was an actor. Mark was a very down-to-earth person and he already had a son John from her ex-wife. Mark adopted Caleb and Catherine. The relationship of both kids with Mark was very cool. Caleb was attached to him and after his mom’s divorce, he still kept the last name, Goddard.


As Caleb James Goddard had a pathetic childhood people are really curious to know whether he got a chance to get an education or not. The answer to this question is that after a few years of his birth Jack started to support Susan financially. There isn’t much information about his school education but he was admitted to Georgetown University in Washington DC.

Caleb’s Career:

Jack Nicholson’s Son Caleb followed the footprints of his mom and dad and started his career in acting. In 1988 and 1991 he worked on some projects named “The Slap Maxwell Story” and “Guilty as Charged”. For establishing his career Caleb moved to New York. He didn’t work in many movies or series but her mother reported that he was a producer and writer at the age of 25. But after that, we don’t know what Caleb is doing.

Susan Anspach:

Caleb’s mom was also an American and was born on 23rd October 1942. She made a big name in the film industry and gave very hit movies. Her last movie was in 2001. Her wedding history is quite complicated but she had a successful life and one interesting fact is that she always dated and got married to famous personalities. All of them were actors. Susan died at the age of 75 in 2018 and the reason for her death was cardiac failure.


Jack Nicholson’s Son Caleb James Goddard had a very hard life as he got no love from his father and some people claim that he never met jack. After everything, he got a good education and pursued his career as a producer. He loves to live a simple life and is not dating anyone.

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