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The Best Precise Temperature Control Bomb Erig

Having an erig these days means you know the new norm regarding dabbing. That is why everyone dabbing, whether for pleasure or under prescription, needs one. 

We know that bongs can also do the job, but they are not convenient compared to e-rigs. One device with a capability like no other is the Bomb electric dab rig

It has a precise temperature control feature that allows you to select the best heat level for your concentrates. Here is what you should expect when choosing the best temperature level for the Bomb erig. 

Why Do We Need Precise Temperature Control in Erigs?

Before we look at what the Bomb electric dab rig has in store, we must understand why precise temperature control is essential. Low temperature reduces flavor and efficacy. High temperature, conversely, can degrade the active substances in your concentrates. 

We can elaborate further to better understand. A low temperature will not deliver the desired taste, and that will ruin everything. Vital compounds in your concentrates require a precise temperature to be activated. 

So, some substances will simply go to waste at a low temperature. That means you will not tap fully into the flower’s concentration. On the other hand, a temperature that is too high will damage some of the substances. 

The taste will also be affected, but what you inhale is more dangerous. You could consume toxic elements at a high heat level, which is not good for your health. 

We hope you understand why precise temperature control is essential in any e-rig you purchase.  

What is the Perfect Temperature for Your Concentrates?

Most dabbers know that the best way to determine the precise temperature for your concentrates is through experimentation. However, you can check the best temperature for what you are using. 

Various cannabis compounds need a precise temperature range before being released. Every compound has a unique effect. The recommended temperature range for most substances is 365oF. 

You should always consider the temperature range between 356oF and 410oF. 

The Bomb Electric Dab Rig Precise Temperature Control

You need the best gadget for the trials or actual setting as you experiment or set the precise temperature for your concentrates. The device we would like you to consider is the Bomb electric dab rig. 

Bomb erig

It has a compact design and is small enough to fit in your hand. Some of the parts you need to note here are:

  • The Bomb erig
  • The glass compartment that goes at the top 
  • The 18mm ceramic atomizer 
  • The included cleaning tools 

Assembling and disassembling is easy once you follow the instructions in the manual. After that, you need five quick clicks on the multi-purpose button to power it up. At this point, you are now welcome to use the precise temperature control feature. 

With your dab in the atomizer, it’s a matter of setting the right temperature and waiting for three seconds. When you see the green light glowing in the glass, it’s time to take a hit. 

Now, you are the one who knows what you are inhaling for the day. As you do so, you can play around with the button to set up the right temperature level. We will also include other settings here that indirectly relate to the temperatures. 

Bomb erig

  • Auto heating: Double-click the button to start heating automatically once you power it up. With this setting, a white light will glow. The temperature will also adjust itself based on the heat required in the atomizer. 
  • Temperature mode: If you want to get into the precise temperature settings, press the button three times quickly. 
  • Manual adjustment: To adjust the temperature manually, click the button once. Each click will increase the temperature by one degree. If you want it to increase continuously, long-press the button. 
  • Manual heating: Long press the button to heat manually. 

NB: After setting the right temperature, wait three seconds to exit the temperature mode. 

After getting your favorite temperature level, you only need to wait for the green light. Once it shows, it’s time to take hits until your dab ends. Ensure you rotate the carb cap on the atomizer as you inhale for the best results. 

An LED display shows the results as you adjust the temperature, so you will always know the heat level. 

Benefits of Precise Temperature Control on the Bomb Erig

By reaching this far, you know why you need precise temperature control to burn your concentrates. The primary benefit of having the Bomb erig is that you have control over the temperature. 

More advantages include:

  • You can select the temperature level you need 
  • There are auto and manual heating options.
  • If you don’t know the precise temperature, the device gives room for experimentation 
  • It has indicators (light) to tell you when it’s ready for inhalation 
  • The LED display allows you to see the temperature adjustments 

With the Bomb, you can tap into the effects of specific terpenes and cannabinoids based on the selected temperature. That way, you will always know if the chosen heat level is too high for them or not. 

Other Bomb E-rig Benefits

Apart from the temperature control, you will also note the following: 

  • No time is wasted during preheating 
  • You get big clouds with every inhale 
  • Easy cleaning thanks to the added cotton swabs 
  • You can use it anywhere since it’s easy to carry 
  • The lighting in the glass makes using the Bomb spectacular 

Wrapping Up

As we have learned above, precise temperature control on an e-rig is essential. With the Bomb electric dab rig, you can set the required temperature or try a few ranges to see which works best.

It’s possible to set a specific temperature or let it go into auto mode, among other settings. So, it’s an e-rig that spoils you with temperature setting choices. 

The Bomb’s temperature control, among other features, makes it stand out. So, when you need a proper erig that will not give you a burnt taste or an awful experience, visit the Bomb’s official website.

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