LECA Full Guide, Uses and Benefits

Nature is very beautiful and there are alot of people who love nature.  People grow different plants in their house. Some really know how to take care of their plants and their plants grow beautifully. But there are some people whose plants get killed because they don’t know how to keep their plants. They usually fail to water them in the right proportion. Plants die when you overwater them. But have you heard about leca? If not then it’s a game changer for you. If you love planting but you don’t know how much water your plants require then Leca can help you alot. Today we will talk about it in detail.

What is Leca?

The full form is Lightweight Expanded CLay Aggregate. Yes it sounds difficult but when you know its description you would be stunned. It is considered as a growing ingredient just like soil that helps you to grow your plants in it. They manage the water concentration.

Leca balls:

Leca is a set of clay balls and when you place them in your plants they absorb the excessive water and expand. And they water the plants when they need them. These balls just serve the purpose of soaking water and do not provide any nutrients to your plants.

Importance of Leca for plants:

As mentioned above, these clay balls are not able to provide your plants with any nutrients. You can think that then we use it. You might have a question in your mind about how it can be helpful for your plants in their growth. For these answers look at the following plants.

  • The Leca is very helpful in watering the plants in the right proportion. If you are a beginner in plantation then it’s a good option for you.
  • The amount of pests gets reduced with its use.
  • Root rot is a very big issue in growing plants and everyone wants to get rid of it, so these little balls help to save your roots from rotting.

Now let’s discuss these three points in more detail for better understanding.

Easier way to water plants:

The main reason for root rotting is that you over water your plant. When your soil is already wet you keep watering them that develops rot and it kills your plant. The soil shouldnt be too dry nor too wet. You must know the proper balance. Read till the end and you will understand everything.

Reduced root rotting:

We mostly water the plants when we feel they are dry or when they look dry. But with Leca we water the plants when water in the pot is not present.when there is no water in the pot it means the clay balls have soaked it. The plant will not be overwatered because it will take water when it needs. There are alot of air gaps in clay balls that prevent plants from rotting.

Reduced level of Pests:

When there is less chances of root rotting luckily less bugs will attack your plant. But you have to still use pests sprays because leca lowers the level but doesn’t stop completely.

Fertilization of plants in Leca

We have already discussed the fact that this aggregate does not provide nutrients so you need other ways to give your plants the nutrients. You can use hydroponic fertilizer and mix it in water then water your plants with this mixture. The hydroponic solution will be given to your plant that will help your plant to grow in the best way.

Final verdict:

In this article we have talked about a very interesting Leca growing medium. This gives you a lot of benefits that are mentioned above. If you are fond of growing plants then use it to save your plant. I hope you like the information shared with you.

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