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Why Should You Know About Backwoods Battery Pen?

Vaping has become very common for a few years now and people consider themselves cool when they use it. If you are a fan of vapes then this article is absolute of your interest. Backwoods Battery Pen is a new addition to the world of vapes. The specialty of this vape is its slim funky design and affordable price. This vape can upgrade your vaping experience to an extra level. It has amazing features that can make you buy this product. Let’s jump into its details.

About Backwoods Battery Pen:

Backwoods Battery Pen is a smart device that is basically for beginners. The vape is operated by a battery and it has a fixed atomizer inside it which helps the liquid to convert into vapors. These pocket-friendly vapes sometimes come with LED lights. You can charge your vape with the help of a cable wire. It is easily manageable and available at affordable prices.

Working of Backwoods Battery Pen:

The use of vape has become frequent and many people can’t go out without their vapes. People have made this smart device a part of their lifestyles. Some of you must be curious to know about the working of this e-cigarette. Let’s put some light on its working.

Backwood Battery Pens contain a liquid which is known as nicotine solution. This pen works by heating this liquid into vapors. People inhale these vapors and this satisfies their nicotine needs.

You must be aware of three main parts of vapes and these are:

  • Atomizer 
  • Battery 
  • Tank 

Your vape may or may not contain the tank. The tank contains the e-liquid on which a coil is placed. The liquid vaporizes and converts into vapor once the coil gets heated.

What are the features of Backwoods Battery Pen?

Many interesting features of this vape make it distinct from other vapes. If you want to buy an original Backwoods Battery Pen then you should know the following features.

  • Battery 1100 Mah

People avoid carrying heavy stuff along with them so the battery life of your device must be good. The battery of a vape pen usually lasts for more than an hour which makes it a perfect option for consumers. Backood Battery Pen has a 1100mAh slim battery which helps to produce more and more vapors giving an excellent experience.

  • Slim smart design

Design is something that attracts people and this vape has a sneaking design that looks stylish yet professional and it is for those who want to carry it on a go. it can easily be taken anywhere and hide it in your pocket. You can get a wide variety of colors in this vape.

  • Glass mouthpiece and atomizer 

You get a smooth experience when the mouthpiece is made of glass and the vape contains a ceramic atomizer and gets both things in Backwoods Battery Pen. These two features prevent the liquid from leakage and provide you with clear and smooth vapors. The heating quality of the atomizer is of the next level.

  • Affordable price

If you want to get a stylish and quality vape then this is the best option as it is very budget-friendly.

  • Temperature settings and flavors

You can change the temperature of the vape according to your choice. You will have three options such as low, medium, and high. Moreover, you can select any e-flavor to enhance your vaping experience.


The Backwoods Battery pen is a wonderful invention for all vape freaks as it is affordable and has a very interesting design that can be taken anywhere. You can even customize your vape according to your choice in any color and design. I hope you would like the details shared above.

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